partnership Geoparks, Identity and Art

During the festival, you will have a unique opportunity to meet our partners from Norway and Iceland, who have come with us to share their experiences with artistic and educational projects. Our common topics are finding the ways how to revive the forgotten places and landscapes, connecting creatively approaches from different fields like science disciplines, art, architecture and history - and how to do it alongside with locals.

Guðmundur Hrafn Arngrímsson, Gunnar Oli Gudjonsson - The Turf Network (Iceland) - The Network links landscape architects, craftsmen and artists. Its core focus is on ecology, teamwork and interdisciplinary approach. The members strive for finding new ways of Intertwining landscape and urbanism.

Pål Thjømøe, Sara Gentilini - Global UNESCO MAGMA geopark (Norway) focuses on five key areas: Adventure (guided tours), Creativity / Innovation (eg virtual reality GeoVR), Culture (local food - GeoFood; local crafts - GeoCraft) Sustainability (bike routes - GeoBike) and Education (Geoschool).

Maiken Stene (Norway) graduated from Nordland Art and Film School. She is a director of the Velferden Cultural Center, which is situated in former mine buildings. Velferden is a unique site-specific center where exhibitions, concerts and workshops take place. The Center mediates dialogue between local history, geology, tourism and contemporary art.

Hans Edward Hammonds (Norway) is a New Zealand artist who lives and works in Stavanger, Norway. He focuses on psychology, ecology, neuroscience, post-humanism, shamanism, science fiction and ecology. His preferred techniques are film, photography, textiles, paper, installation and performance. Hammonds is also a member of the executive board of Studio17 - a nonprofit organisation that invites artists to occupy the gallery space, experiment, and push the boundaries of their own artistic practices.